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Online workshop – Art of Pranayama Yoga Breathing & Meditation

Join Iryna in discovering ancient art of Pranayama – yogic breathing to help you boost your energy, immune system, and create a deep state of calm and presence, followed by Meditation to go even deeper. 
This workshop is a great way to disconnect, learn something new, and discover how your breath can have a deep positive impact on your body and mind.
This is a practical workshop – so after a brief explanation with benefits, we will learn and practice 5 different breathing techniques, followed by meditation to help you absorb breathing benefits and enjoy an amazing state of relaxation and clarity. 
You just need a comfortable quiet spot where you can sit and lie down, your open mind to experience the power of your breath. 
Iryna, a warm, friendly and experienced pranayama and yoga teacher, will guide you in this workshop in English. 
After the workshop, you will receive “Power of Breathing” online videos with Iryna to continue your practice at home. 

Date: Saturday June 13th 

Time: 15:00 – 16:45

Price: €15,00 per person 

Sign up a friend for €12,00 per person.

 With Iryna Ivanova 


Beginners Workshop: The foundation of Yoga

New to yoga? This workshop is a great way to learn the basics of yoga in a intimate environment. Farrah will guide you through the fundamentals of alignment, breath work and the yoga philosophy. 

We will take the time to get into the basic Asanas (the movents).
With this comes the breathing which I will guide you thru with some simple breathing techniques that will help with your focus on and off the mat.
Yoga is not just about touching your toes, so you will get some extra knowledge about what it actually is.

What to expect:

  • Yoga Philosophy (what is yoga actually)
  • Breath control
  • Asanas
  • Relaxation
  • Happines

(not necceraly in this order)

What to bring:

  • Something comfy to move in
  • a bottle of water

Date: Saturday Februari 15th

Time: 13:30 – 16:00

Price: €35,00

With Farrah Spaargaren 

Yoga & Essential oils / Aromatherapie Workshop

Essential oils work on both an emotional and physical level – just like yoga.

It has the ability to enhance mental and emotional wellness, relieve sore muscles, and support physical and spiritual well-being.
The oils can give you a deeper state of awareness or heightened state of consciousness. With its natural benefits it can increase focus, reduse stress, evoke the sense of calmness, support your immune system and so much more.

As a child I grew up with natural and herbal medicines. My grandmother still uses it. I have always been very interested in fragrances and nature. Since I discovered essential oilsa and have been using and working with them this all plays a major role in my daily life. I now even use it my own child. 

There is so much to tell about how these seeds, herbs, plants, flowers, trees work and what their purpose are. During this workshop I would like to share with you a bit of this knowledge and my love for nature and these beautiful oils. 

Have you always wanted to know more about essential oils?What they do, how it effects the body and brain, what the’re good for and how they work in a yoga class?  Join me during this fun and relaxing workshop. A real treat for yourself.

 What to expect from this workshop:

  •  Information about essential oils
  • Gentle Yoga practice for all level
  • A little sample of the NHR oils to take home



Date: Saturday Februari 29th

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

Price: €35,00

With Farrah Spaargaren

 Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga supports to restore the hormonal production and has a positive effect on the whole hormonal system. It is a natural treatment through specific exercises reactivating hormone production. The series of exercises is dynamic with specific breathing technique to massage and reactivate glands. This combination acts directly glands that produce hormones. HYT combines elements of classical Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan energy circulation with an objective to reactivate the production of female hormones in a natural way.

 What to expect from this workshop:

  • go deeper into hormones and the hormonal system;
  • talk about food that have an effect on the hormones;
  • look at the chakra system versus the hormonal system;
  • also look at essential oils and hormones

You will learn a series of physical yoga exercises in combination breathing and visualization. These exercises are simple and also suitable without previous yoga experience. HYT can bring quick results when practiced on a regular basis. Above all practicing Hormone Yoga add joy and wellbeing to someone’s life.

Hormone Yoga Therapy is not recommended:

  • During pregnancy
  • Hormonal types of breast cancer
  • Strong endometriosis
  • Enlarged myomas in the uterus
  • Strong osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • 3 months after surgery

About Jane: 

Jane was born in The Netherlands, she has her origin in Suriname where she lived 20+ years. With the inner knowing that Yoga would have the answers to her questions about the essence of life, Jane started her yoga journey in the late 90ties.

Her first Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hatha Yoga (2000) and Dru Yoga (2000-2005) was followed by a Teacher Training with Katiza Satya & Hilary Menting 2004-2005. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga awakened in Jane more stability, inner strength and focus. In 2007 she left her job of 20 years as a Financial Officer in the Netherlands and sold her apartment to attend a Teacher Training at Centered Yoga in Thailand, travel to India, Nepal and to return to Suriname (2009-2019).

In Suriname she shared her love for yoga (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Kids & Teen Yoga, Hormone Therapy Yoga) at her own Yoga Studio for 10 years. She was also able to pioneer and collaborate with other Yoga teacher from Suriname and abroad in offering workshops and trainings as to bring more attention to the deep healing that Yoga can bring.

” As I grew more into my yoga practice I understood the impact an imbalanced hormonal system has on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I learned that hormones coordinate the process of growth, metabolism and fertility and influences the immune system and our behavior. I also became aware that external factor like stress, lack of exercise, the food (diet high in refined carbohydrates, sugar and fat) we consume and the products that we use influence the hormones as well.

When in the menopause or suffering from pms or pcos symptoms such as acne, depression, migraine, memory loss, anxiety, tiredness, libido decrease, hot flushes, bloating, exhaustion, infertility and osteoporosis may sound familiar.


Having mood swings myself and symptoms that come with menopause, friends and yoga students who had difficulty in conceiving inspired me to get certified in the Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) of Dinah Rodrigues. “

Date: Saturday March 14th 

Time: 13:30 – 17:30

Price: €50,00

With Jane Margie Saman

 Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher Training

This course will teach you how to empower pregnant women along the magic path of pregnancy and motherhood, providing them with tools for a more conscious, respected and peaceful childbirth. Movement is the key element of this training. We see Yoga during pregnancy as if it were a gentle dance between the mother and her baby. We believe healthy food habits act like a medicine that supports natural pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. We are strong defenders of conscious parenting and pregnancy. Our goal is to transmit these values to society.

We will share with you the art of transmitting this ancient philosophy for pregnant women, of how to support and inspire them safely and with awareness. We will learn invaluable tools and stellar information to flow through the magic path of motherhood together. 


This is an intensive course designed to fit all parts of our program in one weekend. We will look into the aspects of Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga in depth: Philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology. We will study the factors related to the different phases of pregnancy, labour and motherhood. But most of all, this course will be an unforgettable loving journey of wisdom for every woman participating.

* To any woman willing to have an extraordinary experience. Mummies to be, mothers, yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, therapists… You are all welcome! *

Led by Sandra Varas – Devoted mother of a beautiful little boy, Sandra is a certified yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance, who has specialized in Prenatal Yoga over the years. She has been trained by great teachers in California and London, cities where she has lived for over 8 years. Now she is fully dedicated to the world of women, pregnancy and motherhood. Her main wish is to return their natural wisdom back to women by allowing them to enjoy a more humanized childbirth.



Date: August 21 st, 22nd, and 23rd

Time: TBD

Price: €500,00

With Sandra Varas

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