Contact - Yoga Studio de Pijp
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Frans Halsstraat 35H
1072BK Amsterdam


Yoga Studio de Pijp is a cosy and light boutique studio located on the corner of the beautiful Frans Halsstraat in the neighborhood the Pijp in Amsterdam. Being a laid-back studio you can join us for either a relaxed or a bit more intense yoga class for beginners and more experienced yogis.

For us, the most important thing is that you feel at home and can be yourself. At Yoga Studio de Pijp we think that yoga is a journey to self awareness and we hope that you will get that deeper connection with yourself every time you leave one of our classes. Yoga should be a fun and a personal journey which is different but unique for everyone. So feel free to share anything with your teacher that is important and to be kept in mind during the practice. Yoga Studio de Pijp has a team of passionate teachers who are happy to assist you during this journey. Connection is key at Yoga Studio de Pijp, also if you just want to relax at the studio to enjoy our healthy drinks and bites we offer during the day.  Unless a private session or massage takes place. We have a nice lounge area where you can just chill and be “zen”. Join the community at Yoga Studio de Pijp